Welcome to Nexthost!

If you are new to Nexthost, Hello and Welcome! Nexthost is a Johannesburg based Hosting Company with a difference. We are here to break boundaries and smash records. We offer everything from WordPress-Only, cPanel Packages, Node.js Stacks, Cheapies to quality Hosted Exchange Email and Docker Apps.

Welcome to Nexthost!
If you were looking for a sign, here's one

And no. We don't think we are the hottest thing since Michael Jackson hit us with the "Moon Walk". We tried, we failed, so in the interim, we had to settle on hosting, proper hosting! We aren't new and have been going for nearly a decade. However, we have decided that it's time to step it up a notch and, Do Something Great.

Old MJ's Legendary "Moon Walk"

We offer premium hosting, and we like to push boundaries to ensure our customers get ultimate performance and quality support. We love to joke, but when it's time to get serious, we do.

We've been working hard on our new products to ensure we have the ultimate solutions to skyrocket your website right to the top. And not a moment too soon. With Google's announcement that from May 2021, their new web vitals strategy will now be used as one of the determining factors when assessing your website score.

So, in "simple English", the better this is, the better your position will be in search results. And, if you haven't guessed by now, speed, while not the only factor, is now more critical than ever.

So, considering speed is something we like, A LOT, we went a bit mental and got some serious results. And that's what we offer you, our customers.

We have designed our products from the ground up to fit these requirements. So, you get the right stuff from the start to keep you in the black, your customers on your site and King Google smiling, a super-fast and secure website, quality email and of course, friendly support.

We can't wait to meet some new and enthusiastic people with fresh ideas. People looking for the right tools to succeed at cementing their footprint into the new 21st-century digital age. The NEW WWW!