Ultimate Optimisation

Why is speed so important? Find out why your website must load super fast and why Nexthost is so obsessed with speed.

Ultimate Optimisation
Nexthost's Ultimate Optimisation

Isn't it funny how today we can't live our lives without the technology that didn't exist ten years ago? Everything changes over time, and these days faster than ever before, and the industry where it's moving and changing the fastest is websites. What used to define your business twenty, ten or as recent as two years ago was your storefront. Today your storefront is your website.

It's the first thing your customers will see and their first impression of your business. We all know about first impressions, making it the most crucial part of your business, and in today's "dog eat dog" world, if you're not first, you're last. Getting your website "perfect" is an art and requires a lot of hard work with a lot to consider. The way it looks, the structure, the content, the list goes on. Speed is arguably the most important and getting more critical than ever before, yet it is one of the most overlooked by web developers and self-proclaimed "SEO experts".

Ask yourself how many times you've clicked on a website or link and after two seconds of not loading you've hit that back button harder than Mike Tyson's right hook?

Mike Tyson's fury unleashed on Trevor Berbick in 1986

If you test your website and it loads fast, that does not mean it will load that fast for someone viewing it for the first time. This is because of cookies, "no not the ones you eat", and caching, yes "Cookies and Caching", and no, we didn't make up those words, and since Bill Gates declined our interview, we will never know how he landed up with "Cookies", maybe he was hungry. So what this does "besides those annoying popups" is store information on your computer. So every time you visit that website, your computer doesn't have to download the entire website again. That's fabulous if your customers are viewing your website frequently, but if you are looking for new customers, they haven't been on your website and nothing is cached. Now, couple that with a slow connection and you just lost a customer. So you might think you have a fast website, but in reality, it's cached.

So if you were thinking, a second here or there may not make a difference, you might want to have a chat with Brad Binder.

Brad Binder South African Motor GP Racer

Remember that famous Nokia 3310 cell phone? It was revolutionary. Everyone had to have one and the game it came with, "Snake", was just the icing on the cake. You can still use that phone today, but would you? No, you'd throw it against the wall, and even though it wouldn't break, you would throw it in the bin because you've become accustomed to your smartphone that has more processing power than the computers used to put Neil Armstrong on the moon. This is what we focus on, no not the moon, getting your website to load as quick as the speed of light. This has two big advantages.

The most obvious being the patience of whoever is visiting your website, but the other advantage is that King Google will rank your page speed. The faster your website, the higher you will rank organically. Speed is not the only thing we do and not the only thing King Google cares about, so we don't leave it there. We are giving you a Formula One car to drive so you might need some training before hitting that pedal. If you don't know the difference between "Lil Xan" or "hashtags" or think the yellow pages or word of mouth gets business, then stand back because Mike Tyson is here to serve you coffee.

King Google is the new yellow pages on steroids, with so many modern advantages which can boost your business better than a billboard the size of mount Everest. Disobeying the King by handing out flyers or putting adverts in newspapers and magazines can reach thousands of customers that aren't in the least bit interested in your product. On the other hand, clicking a website that says plumbing services after a Google search for plumbers is a percentage so high that even Einstein could not calculate it. Legend has it he tried and failed but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. We can only speculate if that's true, but the rest is, and it's becoming more important than ever before. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about speed.

One of our guys got arrested for driving 160 km in a 60 km zone because he took his work home. We don't take our work home anymore, but we are available to help boost your business and move you into the 21st century. We aren't Doctors Without Borders but we have performed miracles. We listen to the King, and when you listen to King Google, you get results.