Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Getting Started with Microsoft Hosted Exchange with Nexthost is easy. Whether you would like us to do it for you or do it yourself, this guide will get you going.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange
Nexthost Hosted Exchange Made Easy

Getting Started with Microsoft Hosted Exchange


Microsoft Exchange, Unlike its creator Bill Gates, is the "High School Bully" when it comes to email. Microsoft Exchange Server Started in 1996 with Version 4.0. Exchange certainly has come a long way since then. However, most of its core features have not changed much and only improved over the years.

Microsoft Exchange uses a protocol called "MAPI" to send and receive data from your computer or mac, and ActiveSync for your mobile devices. Both these protocols, if correctly configured, create an unmatched level of security and speed, making your email a pleasure to use while adding features not possible with other mail clients.

Although IMAP can replicate your emails between your devices, nothing compares to the bully! Not Bill, Exchange; however, syncing your emails is just the start. Exchange can also sync your contacts, calendar, meetings etc.

Moving to exchange can be a bit of a headache if not done correctly. This is why we offer to set up, check, and "if necessary" repair your old mails before uploading them onto our Exchange platform.

Here is how it works

After you sign up via our website and complete the required information, we will send you a username and password to upload your old emails (PSTs) as well as an encrypted document with your new login details.

If you are unsure how to do this, your I.T guy should be able to help. Backup backup backup! If you aren't sure, don't!

After that, we need your autocomplete list

Your "autocomplete list" is what 99.9% of us call our address book. This is what finishes off the rest of the email address when you start typing. It will be stored and replicated to all your new devices.

To get this, do the following

Open My Computer or This PC

Paste this into the top where it says (This PC)

You can also do this by holding the Windows key and pressing "R"


Ignore other files. We only want the Roam Cache folder.

You can just use the Windows built-in feature

Compress and the (Roam Cache) folder as shown above.

  1. Label it to match the email address.
  2. Upload and you are done.

If your internet connection is too slow, we can have a courier collect an external hard drive from you: