Emails Bounce Back on Exchange

Two simple steps to fix bounce-back emails when you are certain the address is correct and have recently moved to Office 365 or Exchange.

Emails Bounce Back on Exchange

The most common cause of email bounce-backs and how to fix this when you are certain the address is correct

Problem: You send a mail to someone and get something like:

(Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups)

There are typically two causes for this, both are very easy to resolve.

The first and most obvious is that the email you typed was misspelt. Double-check that you have the correct email address. It is considered bad practice to have a capital letter in email addresses, but generally should not be an issue.

If the email address is someone you have sent to before and came up automatically, then it means that person's email address is "cached" in your "autocomplete list".

If this is the case, you can simply fix this as follows.

The pictures may look slightly different depending on your email program, Operating System and version.

Step 1 Click "New Email" Outlook (Windows)

Outlook (Mac OS)

Step 2 Start typing the problem email address. (e.g., and then click the X to remove the address from the autocomplete list.

Outlook (Windows)

Outlook (Mac OS)

Type the email address and press send. Make sure that nothing comes up automatically. If it does, delete it again. If you still receive a bounce back, contact the person you are trying to send to and ask them to notify their email provider.